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Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

In this hot weather, Me and my friends decide to have a short vacation away from the traffic jam and busy city, Kuala Lumpur. Our 30 minutes journey to Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur really worth it as we not just can rest in a perfect weather, but also enjoy the time at our hotel The Theme Park Hotel.

The Theme Park Hotel in Resort World Genting Highlands just fully opens early this year. Formerly it was Highlands Hotels, now it changes it looks to this hotel that decorated with a cute decoration.

This hotel in the Park makes us feel like a kid again. I was so surprised with its makeover that makes it looks like a fairy tale. As we walked in the lobby of this hotel, we were greeted by giant teacups that reach the ceiling and a giant bench for the customer. Then, there is 3D art that really cute and perfect for a picture. It was the hottest “attraction” in the lobby s that exude an exciting world of creative madness inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Me and my friends (including my friend’s babies) can’t stop taking a lot of photos in this area!

The check-in is easy and fast. My room was located at level 5 and at first, I couldn’t find my room. That’s because the room number was on the floor. So unique! Then when I enter the room, I was so excited to see the decoration. I feel like a kid again to see the color of the room, the decoration of the beds, the storage place, the tables, toilets and everything!

I really like the art deco in this room. Clothes are hung on knobs that have drawn outlines of closets. Then, as the other hotels always use heavy curtains, Theme Park Hotel is so unique as they use blinds with unique hand drawn designs in white paint was used.


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