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Sumba, The Island Of Eden

Sumba is so far my favorite island in Indonesia. Untouched nature, not crowded, hidden germs, unique culture and the adventure that I experienced makes me wanna come back again. This island is in eastern Indonesia. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Island and the province of East Nusa Tenggara. To the northwest of Sumba is Sumbawa, to the northeast, across the Sumba Strait (Selat Sumba), is Flores, to the east, across the Savu Sea, is Timor, and to the south, across part of the Indian Ocean, is Australia.

How to go To Sumba

A lot of people asked me how to go to Sumba. Sumba is not as famous as Bali or Flores, so some haven’t heard about this Island yet. As there is no international flight that can enter Sumba, From Malaysia I take a flight to Denpasar first. I spent 2 nights in Bali first before I continue my journey to Sumba by taking flight to Waingapu Airport Sumba.

How to Discover Sumba

Tips : I would suggest you take flight to Waingapu Airport when you wanna come to Sumba and depart from Tambaloka Airport to go back to Bali- before transfer to your next destination. It is because you can discover Sumba from East (Waingapu Airport) to Southwest of the Island (Tambaloka Airport)

If you are female solo traveler, I suggest you to not discover this island alone. The place are still new and some of the place can’t be search by waze/google maps. Plus, according to the police officer that I’ve met, some part of Sumba is dangerous for traveler.

There is a public bus in Sumba, but It just travel from one villages only. You can rent a motorcycle or car in Sumba and drive it by your ownself, but it will be difficult to find beautiful place by your ownself. So, the best idea to discover Sumba is only by hired a supir (driver) or go there during the festival so that you can join any cheap packages arranged by the tourism/registered travel agents ( plus, you can make new friends! )

Where to go in Sumba

Cultural Village

There are a lot of cultural village in Sumba. As I travelled from East to Southwest Sumba, I managed to visit, and stayed in the ‘Rumah Adat’ . I ‘m so lucky to get a chance stay at Praiyawang traditional village, Kabondok and Praijing. All the villages are uniques with their own culture. The house are made from bamboo, and leaves. In front of the house is a tomb or grave that have more than 10 bodies in one grave. Then, on the balcony I can see a lot of pig head skeleton, it is a symbol of Sumba tradition. There was a lot of pig and dog around the Rumah Adat. I also managed to visit Ratenggaro at South Sumba, it is almost same with the other traditional village in Sumba but it is near to the beach and surrounded by the green grass which makes it so beautiful!


Cliff and Beach

When talk about Cliff and Beach in Sumba, I can tell you that it is more than just beautiful. Most of the beach are still blue and clean. The waves are also high as Sumba is located in Hindi Ocean. However, some beach are difficult to find by your ownself as there is no proper road to go there. Some of this hidden germ also doesn’t have facilities like toilet, shop and others.

This is some of the best beach in Sumba that you should visit

  1. Bana Beach
  2. Walakiri Beach
  3. Wataparunu Clliff
  4. Mandorak Beach
  5. Waikuri Lagoon


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