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Luxury Resort That Worth Your Money in Malaysia

Whenever travel, Most of us (especially me) always look for budget and affordable location and resorts. However, sometimes we might want to spend our money to stay at the fancy places especially during honeymoon or short vacation with our small family or friends. In this article, I share some of the best resorts that worth your penny to stay in Malaysia, and of course it is a luxury and unique resort!1. Pangkor Laut Resort

For those who love to be really close to the jungle and beach, this is the perfect place for you. The Pangkor Laut Resort offers accommodations located in various parts of the island, you can choose to be on stilts above the sea, at the beachfront, or nestled amongst the forests.


2. The Datai Langkawi

I saw on instagram that a lot of local and international celebrity loves to stay in this resort like Yuna, Caprice and Nazim Othman and many more. Actually that’s not surprising at all because Datai Langkawi are situated right on the award-winning beach of Datai Bay and is surrounded by ancient rain forest. This resort is embellished with pristine waters and lush greenery. Plus, it is so private and romantic !



3. Ambong-ambong Langkawi

This resort is still new in Langkawi but it offers a lot of things. Ambong-ambong is not so far from the havoc Chenang beach but it is so private and quite. It was surrounded by green forest and near to the beach. All the villas complete with the private pool that face the beautiful scenery.

4. Batu- Batu Beach Resort

I can forget the first time I come this resort. It is the best resort I’ve ever been in Johor. I was actually shocked to see Dugong swimming in the sea near to the beach area. This resort is so perfect with classy and exclusive design. Other than relax and enjoy the sun, sand and sun. Guest  can do a lot of things here and the best is the have turtle hatchery here!


5. The Kasturi, Cherating

If not mistaken, The Kasturi is still new. Iis located at Chendor Beach, which commands perfect view towards the sunrise, over the forested point of Tanjong Geliga and off to the South China Sea. With rainforest behind and beach in front, the villas and suites at The Kasturi offer a superb retreat, encapsulating the reality of being embraced by land and sea.

For those who loves nature, this is really perfect place for you. It has beach, rainforest and river! You can see a family otter baskings on the banks, sea eagle, fireflies and of course turtle in their hatchery!

6. Bunga Raya Island

Bunga Raya Island Resort is another perfect gateaway and romantic place to go! It is is a luxurious Resort that located at the coast of Borneo in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. the resort is tucked away on a tranquil and hidden bay framed by crescent shaped white sand beach on one side and the centuries old virgin jungle on the other. The best thing is, Each private villa hand-crafted by local tradesmen, terraced into the hillside reflecting the traditional simplicity of the Borneo architectural style.

7. Banjaran Hotspring Retreat

I heard about a lot of amazing reviews about Banjaran Hospring Retreat. It is not like typical resort because this one now located in the caves. Banjaran Hotspring Retreat assimilates with Ipoh’s natural beauty, spacing out its amenities amongst the caves, hotspring, and rainforest. Best things is, there’s a crystal cave for hanging out and a separate meditation cave, a balcony dug from the hills, a cave meant for saunas and dipping pool hot springs which you can’t easily find in other resort

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