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Best Cities For Solo Female Traveler

Nowadays, a lot of female travellers choose to travel solo as this is like a new trend. Most of them feel that travelling alone can make the journey more adventurous, appreciated and also teach the traveller to become more creative and have faith in facing obstacles. Therefore, this is the list of and safe cities that should be visit by most female that travel alone. Some of the country listed is already visited by me and another are my bucket list or from my friends and my own read and research


Most of us already know about how safe and clean this country. Not just for female traveler, Singapore is also listed as top safe country in the world. You can always walk alone without really feel afraid as you can see a lot of officers especially in tourist attraction places. Plus, this country also is very convenient and easy access by only using the public transport. Don’t forget to have a coffee at Bugis Street area or maybe mingle around and party in Clark Quay area.

Ice land

Even though the nickname of Iceland s “The Land of Fire & Ice”, don’t get intimidate as this city is totally comfortable and easy here. The centre of this country which is Reykjavik is famous for its nightlife and music. Plus, don’t miss a tourist attraction in Iceland like bathing at Blue Lagoon, hike a glacier or snorkel at Silfra Fissure.


Don’t be shock as this cosmopolitan city is list down as one of the safe cities that being chosen by most solo female traveler. According to the famous travel blogger The Young Abroad, Dubai can be said as her best country for her solo trip. Even though this city has a huge international population that made up of diverse religion, backgrounds and nationalities, everyone gets along well here. Don’t forget to bring extra scarf and sarong when you walk around the city as some or religious places required the visitor to wear modestly.


Who doesn’t love Bali, isn’t it! Beautiful beaches, temples, yoga, inexpensive food and accommodation are the reasons why a lot of female choose this island. As these Balinese cultures are so unique and vibrant, you’ll be busy understanding the cultures until you forget that you actually travel alone. Bali is the place that full with backpackers from all over the world as this island has a lot of budget accommodation and friendly, therefore you will always find new friends when you are in Bali and who knows, you might go surfing at the beautiful beaches, or explore Bali with your new buddies!

Berlin, Germany

Ever wondered how this big city makes this list? Well, Berlin is not just a city but also a place that full of art. This place draws many solo travelers and it’s easy to meet new friends. It’s so great that this place is a socially progressive city with low crime rate which means you can always feel safe to walk around the city. This artsy place also is so perfect for those who loves photography and appreciates the art.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is always knows as heaven for backpackers in Malaysia. So, it is not possible as this city is also including as one of the top city for solo female traveler. This city is also known for its best street food. You can always go to tourist information centre or hotel lobby and get a map of street food! Plus, this city has vibrant cultures like Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Traveler can always visit a lot of tourist attraction places to fill up your trip here!

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