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Bangle Publika, The best Northern Indian Restaurant in KL

Do you ever crave for Indian food but not mamak? Something like the one you see in Tamil’s movie?  Well, If you do (like me) you should come and try North Indian Cuisine in Publika. Well, as a food lover I recommend you this restaurant as the foods are so delicious and worth it!

Located in Publika Solaris Dutamas, this restaurant is in a strategic area as it was easy to find. This award-winning Indian restaurant just opened and already received a lot of customers that want to taste the North Indian Food. I eat here with some of my friends and the price of it is quite affordable.

The Bangle has its own bar. As soon as I arrived, I ordered a light version of the classic mojito that is non-alcoholic which is Cinderella. The mocktails arrived so fast and really refreshing.

For those who love Naan, this Garlic Naan with price RM6.50 and Garlic Cheese Naan with price RM9.50 is something you should try. If you are food lover like me, I recommend you to eat their Briyani RM5.50 Small/ RM9.00 Big. Try this Briyani with their side dishes.


Then, there are 2 dishes that always ordered by the customer. One is Mutton Keema basically made from minced mutton and spices.  With the price of RM26.00, you can taste a fresh mutton with the spices. The other dishes are sizzling prawn. For me, it tastes more like sambal udang but was sizzling.

Oh, forgot to tell you that the Chef and waiter in this restaurant were originally from Northern India. Thats why you the foods are delicious and you can feel the Hindi vibes here.


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